Ciao! I’m Simona, I’m 30 years-old and I work as a home care nurse. I have been breeding Birman cats since 2013 with my partner Elia, who works as a sports journalist.

We dedicate all our free time to our passion for breeding these beautiful animals.

In order to grow our cattery and dedicate more time to our cats, I have recently reduced my working hours - as a nurse. I am now able to spend every afternoon looking after the cats. Since my partner and I have different work schedules, we can ensure that there is always someone at home with them.

Our cats have basically become our ‘furry kids’.

We were always cat lovers and with time we have developed a great love for this beautiful feline: the Birman cat.

The first time I saw a Birman cat I was actually googling pictures of Thai cats, after seeing them at a cat exhibition and admiring their point colouration. I randomly happened to see a picture of the Birman cat and it was love at first sight.


After extensive research on the personality and breed, I got in touch with a cattery that in 2013 gave us our first beautiful Birman Cat, Uva, a female cat chocolate point.

In 2014 Uva gave birth to her first brood, and since then we continued to grow our dream. Our cattery is small, we only have a few births each year, focusing mainly on the wellbeing of our cats and on the continuous improvement of the Birman look and breed.


We also value taking part in cat exhibitions, in order to keep up to date with the standards, have expert feedback on our cats and, if needed, modify our selection criteria. If you would like to purchase a pedigree cat, we will be happy to support you during cat exhibitions, helping you with grooming and presenting to the judge.

The cats are part of the family and get all our attention and love. They share the house with us and in addition, they have two dedicated rooms just for them. One of the rooms is for kittens only (when we have them). Having arranged to have a bed in the nursery, allows us to be with the cats 24/7 during birth.